Don In Parliament

“Today we heard from Marilyn Sheehan whose family lives in BC. She said they can’t afford the heart medication her husband needs and their son often goes without his life-saving allergy medicine. She said they’re just ‘rolling the dice.'”

“This is the Prime Minister’s last budget before the election. It’s his last chance to do what’s right for people: deliver a universal, comprehensive and public pharmacare system – one that covers every single Canadian. Will the Prime Minister do it?”

“Why are the Liberals intent on copying the U.S.-style private, patchwork system that costs more and delivers less?”

“Instead of caving in to corporate interests, why won’t the Liberals stand up for lower costs and better coverage for Canadians?”

“How can the Prime Minister hear these stories and not understand the urgency of the housing crisis? Why is he patting himself on the back but making my constituent wait?”

“With Eric Hoskins soon to release his study on pharmacare, can Canadians expect to see the Liberals cave in once again to the drug lobby and refuse to bring in public, comprehensive and universal pharmacare?”

“Will the Liberals admit they have folded and betrayed Canadian patients because of pressure from the pharmaceutical industry?”

“Given that opioid deaths have risen every single year of this government’s term, why won’t Liberals act on these proposals to save lives?”

“Why is your government refusing to end what the LGBTQ2 community and scientists across this country, you know, regard as a blatantly discriminatory policy and instead adopt one that is based on science and behavior, as opposed to a discriminatory assumption?”

“Canada’s most vulnerable people have the highest rates of dental decay and disease, but the worst access to this much needed health service exists among people with low income. So given these stark disparities, what steps is your government taking to ensure that all Canadians can access medically necessary dental care?”