Don In Parliament

“The Liberal government cannot call this a crisis and delay funding for years at the same time. We need federal leadership now to ensure that affordable, secure housing is available for every Canadian.”

“On behalf of the New Democratic Party of Canada, I wholeheartedly encourage all members of this House and Canadians everywhere to show their support this April by wearing a daffodil and giving all they can in the fight against cancer.”

“How does this government expect to help vulnerable people suffering from addiction when it continues to treat them as criminals?”

“I would like to seek unanimous consent to table the 1997 Liberal election campaign platform, which promised Canadians universal pharmacare.”

Over 20 years ago, the Liberals promised Canadians they would deliver universal pharmacare in their 1997 election platform. The Liberals failed Canadians then, why should we believe them now?

“The Liberals’ medical cannabis tax is misconceived, unfair to patients, and damaging to public health. Patients already pay sales tax on their medical cannabis and aren’t eligible for reimbursement under most insurance plans – now this government wants to add an excise tax.”

“Canadians are well aware of the many unreasonable demands being made by the Trump administration at the NAFTA table. But we now know an astronomical increase in the duty-free exemption for U.S. exports is one of the items on Trump’s wish list.”

“Access to affordable housing is vital to the health and well-being of all Canadians. It is a fundamental human right. And yet too many Canadians continue to struggle with housing insecurity, particularly in British Columbia.”

“We’re five months away from the Prime Minister’s promised July 1 deadline for cannabis legalization. But now, the Liberal government is backing away from that date – causing confusion and concern.”

In 2017, a staggering 4000 Canadians died from opioid overdoses – an unprecedented 1400 people in British Columbia alone. This is not an opioid crisis. This is not an overdose crisis. It’s a crisis of social isolation and bad drug policy.