Don In Parliament

British Columbia members of the federal New Democratic Party’s caucus today called on the Liberal government to ensure that BC’s forest industry is protected after the expiry of the Softwood Lumber Agreement with the United States.

Don highlights why the opioid crisis is a national health emergency, thanks those who have worked hard to save lives during this crisis, and urges the government to adopt legislation as soon as possible to start saving lives.

Don questions the divide and conquer tactics being used to negotiate the new Health Accord.

Don speaks on the amendments to Bill C-37 proposed by the Conservative and Green parties.

Don said the policy discriminates against monogamous gay men, when even a straight college student with multiple partners can donate.

Watch Don’s speech calling for emergency action to address the opioid epidemic.

Don issued the following statement on the Liberal government’s failure to negotiate a new Health Accord.

The ICC is the first permanent institution with universal jurisdiction that can bring to justice the perpetrators of the most serious crimes that are international in scope.

We all recognise that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has destabilised the security equilibrium that has persisted in Europe since the Cold War.

Don speaks to the Parliamentary Assembly on fiscal and social justice and public trust in our democratic system.