Don In Parliament

This legislation proposes to allow the Minister of Health to implement regulations to restrict access to non-tamper-resistant controlled substances or classes of controlled substances.

Don: the government’s claims of constitutional problems are “a smokescreen and no more.”

Incidents of Lyme disease are on the rise and the government’s plan fails to properly address patient concerns.

NDP health critic Don Davies called the Anbang deal a “foreign takeover of vital health-care and seniors facilities” in B.C., and asked the Liberals whether the purchase was ever discussed at one of their cash-for-access fundraisers.

Don questions the Minister of Economic Development about the recent foreign takeover of BC health care and seniors facilities

Don speaks on a motion to increase funding for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease) research and to substantially increase national efforts to develop and launch a comprehensive strategy to assist with the eradication of ALS at the earliest opportunity.

British Columbia members of the federal New Democratic Party’s caucus today called on the Liberal government to ensure that BC’s forest industry is protected after the expiry of the Softwood Lumber Agreement with the United States.

Don highlights why the opioid crisis is a national health emergency, thanks those who have worked hard to save lives during this crisis, and urges the government to adopt legislation as soon as possible to start saving lives.

Don questions the divide and conquer tactics being used to negotiate the new Health Accord.

Don speaks on the amendments to Bill C-37 proposed by the Conservative and Green parties.