Don In Parliament

“In other words, to make pharmaceuticals part of our single-payer, public system. That was the considered recommendation after two years of study. As Health Minister, do you agree with this recommendation?”

“From fundraising events like the Richmond-Vancouver Walk for ALS to breathtaking journeys around the top of the CN Tower, this June I challenge all Parliamentarians to push the limits and seize the day for ALS Canada.”

“Vanouver, Burnaby, the Squamish, the Tsleil-Waututh, the Coldwater Nation, and many others along the Kinder Morgan route have said no.”

“Mr. Speaker, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the Karabakh movement, a monumental event for the global Armenian community.”

“Will the Liberals do the right thing and withdraw this ill-advised tax on medicine?”

“Why have the Liberals failed to launch an investigation or pursue compensation like the US has done?”

“This week we celebrate International Nurses Day, Indigenous Nurses Day, and Florence Nightingale’s birthday.”

“Neighbourhood House Week 2018 celebrates the multi-faceted contributions of these outstanding organizations to our communities, and our country.”

“The Liberal government cannot call this a crisis and delay funding for years at the same time. We need federal leadership now to ensure that affordable, secure housing is available for every Canadian.”

“On behalf of the New Democratic Party of Canada, I wholeheartedly encourage all members of this House and Canadians everywhere to show their support this April by wearing a daffodil and giving all they can in the fight against cancer.”