Don In Parliament

“Doctors, nurses, health professionals, policy experts, the business community, the public – and now the provinces – all want universal pharmacare as soon as possible. Why don’t the Liberals?”

“For twelve months, we’ve been urging the Liberal government to declare the overdose epidemic a national public health emergency. And for twelve months they’ve refused.”

“This month, the country’s New Democratic party (NDP) introduced a motion to force the federal government to begin laying the groundwork for a universal pharmacare program.”

” It took New Democrats and courage to bring medicare to Canadians. We will continue to work to do the same thing for pharmacare.”

“Will the Liberals accept our reasonable amendments and fix this bill?”

“Mr. Speaker, 2016 saw more Canadians die from opioid overdoses than any year in history. More than 2,800 Canadians lost their lives in every corner of our nation. Despite this devastating death toll, the government refused to declare a national public health emergency and claimed it was making ‘progress’.”

“Will the Liberals join with the NDP and commit to creating a universal pharmacare program?”

Don asked today “Will the Minister now apologize for misleading these organizations and Canadians living with HIV?” but Philpott refused to answer the question or admit any wrongdoing.

With the Chairman of the company allegedly detained by authorities in China last week, Don asks the Prime Minister if the government will reverse their decision to ensure Canadians are protected.

Don highlights the recent cuts to the French Immersion programs in Vancouver.