Don In Parliament

“Minister, my question is this, given the longer more entrenched and more serious death toll of the opioid overdose crisis why has your government’s response been so substantially less than what was done for the H1N1 health crisis?”

“True reconciliation and decolonization will not be possible without addressing the inequality, and indeed the injustice, in health care provision that have existed throughout this country for far too long,” said Davies.

“‘Moms Stop the Harm’ has started the ‘Do Something Prime Minister’ campaign, by sending photos of lost loved ones directly to the PMO. The Prime Minister has ignored our calls to declare the opioid crisis a National Public Health Emergency. How many more Canadians need to die before he finally listens?”

“The NDP will continue to work positively and constructively to develop the smartest, safest, and most effective cannabis legislation and regulations in the world, because it is time we delivered.”

The comment drew a blistering response Wednesday from Vancouver NDP MP Don Davies, his party’s health critic, who said in a statement that he was “deeply disturbed” by Kent’s words.

NDP MP Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway, B.C.) described the ethnically diverse ridings as the “face of Canada” and “the most representative communities in the country,” and said with Jagmeet Singh as the new NDP leader, the party will be able to make significant gains in these ethnically diverse seats.

Tomorrow, let us remember those who served our country #CanadaRemembers

“When we examine Bill C-45, I would describe it truly as a horse of two colours. On the one hand, it is a definite improvement over the status quo. On the other hand, it is a great disappointment for all those who believed that the Liberal government was going to legalize cannabis, because this bill would not.”

“Doctors, nurses, health professionals, policy experts, the business community, the public – and now the provinces – all want universal pharmacare as soon as possible. Why don’t the Liberals?”

“For twelve months, we’ve been urging the Liberal government to declare the overdose epidemic a national public health emergency. And for twelve months they’ve refused.”