Don in the Community

Don visited a local masjid to share words of solidarity with the Muslim members of our community.

Lunar New Year 2017

Please click on the image to watch video greeting from Don.  

During last year’s election campaign, you made a solemn promise to British Columbians that the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline project would not be approved following the Conservatives’ broken environmental review process. You told us it would be “redone” and that First Nations would be respected by enhanced consultation. Many voters believed you and B.C. Liberal candidates, like Terry […]

The Trudeau Liberals promised to be different than the Harper Conservatives. Yet both accepted a flawed approval process with no social license. They both ignored the interests of British Columbians.

On Oct 7, 2016, Don met with six parents representing PAN, to discuss seismic upgrade and students’ safety in schools.

On September 24, 2016, Don hosted the Electoral Reform Town Hall. The meeting allowed Vancouver Kingsway constituents to express their views, concerns, and suggestions, so that Don will take them to the Parliamentary Committee for further discussion.

Read Don’s letter to the Mayor of Vancouver and City Council re: the Odd Fellows Manor redevelopment at 3595 Kingsway.

Click here to read the three documents sent to Minister McKenna with respect to the Vancouver Kingsway climate change consultations facilitated by Don over the summer.

“Very often, it is the neighbourhood school that is designated as the emergency gathering point for the neighbourhood,” says MP Don Davies. “So, we could very well be asking people to rush to a place that could collapse on them.”