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“I’ve long thought that dental care was a serious omission from our universal health-care system that doesn’t make any sense from a public health or social justice point of view,” the NDP MP for Vancouver-Kingsway said in a recent interview.

“Forced sterilization is an appalling form of violence against women and it’s critical that we investigate these horrific acts without delay,” NDP Health Critic Don Davies (Vancouver – Kingsway) said in a release.

“Then Davies spoke, saying that B.C. has been in a state of health emergency since 2016, and that the NDP has been calling for such a state federally for over two years.”

“The New Democrats’ health critic, Vancouver MP Don Davies, was the only speaker to recommend a robust and detailed set of policies.”

Davies, I believe, came to organize this gathering motivated by concern over the community’s future. He lives mere blocks away from where the hall is situated and, like me, is raising his family in Vancouver’s storied and highly diverse Fraser Street neighbourhood.

NDP health critic Don Davies said that any ads pertaining to e-cigarettes used to be to targeted to only smokers as a smoking cessation device, but today’s lifestyle ads that target non-smokers, getting them “addicted” to nicotine, only to move on to more harmful tobacco products, ultimately “resulting in death.”​

“They’re not that big of a group, but they are impactful,” Mr. Davies said. “These are the families that are not just affected by the deaths, but have lived with the [drug] use. They bring a perspective that is really, really important and very informed.”

Last year, NDP MP Don Davies said the extra year of cannabis-infused product prohibition wasn’t needed because Canadians are still likely to purchase those goods but through unregulated channels.

“We need the face of federal law to make this important and profoundly necessary change.”

On Sunday, MPs Jenny Kwan, Don Davies and Nathan Cullen held a town hall at the Aboriginal Friendship Centre to discuss the project.