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Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale should use all “legitimate tools” at his disposal to ensure the RCMP investigates women’s allegations of forced or coerced sterilizations, says NDP MP Don Davies.

“We have over 100 women say they have been assaulted, with names, dates and places. We are obligated by international law to investigate,” said Davies.

NDP MP Don Davies says he wants Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to look into the matter of coerced sterilization and initiate an investigation.

Health committee vice-chair Don Davies, the NDP MP for Vancouver-Kingsway, said what he heard cemented his belief addiction must be treated more from a mental-health perspective than from a criminal-justice perspective.

In an interview, Davies expressed disappointment and concern that the RCMP appeared to be refusing to launch an investigation _ particularly given the amount of information that has been unearthed in recent months about the coerced sterilization of women in Canada.

“Today’s PBO report reveals the Liberals are deliberately making Canadians pay more for medicine to appease the Trump administration and help their friends in rich pharmaceutical companies,” said Davies.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced details of the pharmacare plan Monday with health critic Don Davies at an event in Coquitlam, B.C.

32 per cent of Canadians have no dental insurance at all, and six million Canadians avoid visiting the dentist every year due to cost. This neglect hits marginalized Canadians the hardest, including Indigenous, new immigrants, seniors and the poor.

NDP health critic Don Davies says a Canadian Drug Agency is ‘reorganization’, not progress’ and a delay on pharmacare.

NDP MP Don Davies recently introduced a private member’s bill to make people convicted of assaulting health-care workers eligible for more serious sentences than people convicted of simple assault. A similar provision already exists for transit workers.