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“We cover every single Canadian universally through a single-payer public (health care) system,” said Davies. “All I’m talking about is expanding that basket of services to include prescription drugs, just like we cover every other essential service under medicare.”

NDP MP Don Davies held up and read out of the 1997 Liberal platform, which stated: “A new Liberal government will develop a national plan and timetable for introducing universal public coverage for medically necessary prescription drugs.”

NDP health critic Don Davies also sounded confident about the committee’s stance. “I think you’ll find a strong consensus on the health committee that (a national public plan) is the best way to go, not the system Bill Morneau described,” he said Thursday.

Davies said that a mere $7 million is needed to maintain these services – less than the Liberals spent on the Parliament Hill ice rink.

Then, on February 2, Don Davies, NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway, formally raised the proposal in the House of Commons and asked the Liberals: “When will this government abandon the failed war on drugs and adopt a health-based approach to addiction and drug use?”

In the House of Commons, New Democrat MP Don Davies accused the government of backing away from its July target date, “causing confusion and concern.”

Canada’s New Democrats will continue to press the Trudeau government to re-instate stable and predictable funding for these grassroots groups and finally honour its pledge to expand the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada.

“Jagmeet Singh has proposed the only real solution: treat addiction as a health issue, not a criminal one.”

“Of the many casualties of criminalization, its impact on suppressing research is one of the worst,” said Mr. Davies, whose party has supported decriminalization of cannabis since the 1970s.

“British Columbia MP Don Davies, who is the NDP health critic, said he’s concerned drug users and people who are meant to benefit from the law don’t know about it.”