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“For decades, evidence has been mounting that the ‘war on drugs’ has been a clear failure from a public health perspective. Our party has long understood that substance use disorder isn’t a moral failure and that criminal prohibition and stigmatization have been counter-productive in many ways.”

Don Davies says the Liberal budget proposes to spend a fraction of what even the Conservatives did on the national drug strategy despite crisis.

NDP Health Critic Don Davies today expressed deep disappointment at the Liberal budget’s failure to combat the emergency opioid crisis.

British Columbians struggling with rising prescriptions costs, addictions and home care got little in the Federal Liberal budget released today, said Don Davies

Canada remains the only major country that offers universal health care without a national drug plan.

NDP MP Don Davies said during the House debate on Tuesday that the government’s claims of constitutional problems are “a smokescreen and no more.”

Don: The evidence is clear that criminalizing addiction has a number of harmful consequences. It can drive addiction underground, increase crime, spread disease and cause avoidable injury and death.

Don: Transparency of ownership is always a concern, and it’s a particular concern for this company.

Canada is the only country in the world with a public healthcare system that doesn’t include drug coverage

NDP health critic Don Davies called the Anbang deal a “foreign takeover of vital health-care and seniors facilities” in B.C., and asked the Liberals whether the purchase was ever discussed at one of their cash-for-access fundraisers.