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“The NDP said it will fight the proposal in Parliament, hoping to convince MPs from all parties to reject the proposal.”

“The Liberals’ medicinal cannabis tax is misconceived, unfair to patients, and damaging to public health,” Davies said. “It is simply poor public policy.”

“When you see what is going on, on the ground, when you see it with your own eyes, it really gives you a different perspective,” Singh told the Straight while on his walk with Don Davies, NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway.

“Why won’t the federal government declare an emergency? It’s hard to tell. Maybe the situtation is as overwhelming for them as it is for the rest of the country. Maybe they think they’ve got the situation covered. They don’t. It’s time to save lives.”

NDP health critic Don Davies, who represents a Vancouver riding, told reporters Wednesday that it’s “absolutely” time for Canada to follow suit. “I have been calling for the Liberal government to declare a national public health emergency under the Emergencies Act for a better part of a year, and they have refused to do that,” said Davies.

“This month, the country’s New Democratic party (NDP) introduced a motion to force the federal government to begin laying the groundwork for a universal pharmacare program.”

“The answer can be seen in those parties’ respective responses to NDP MP Don Davies’ motion to start negotiations with the provinces toward a national pharmacare system.”

“MPs shot down the motion Tuesday evening, voting 246 to 43. It was proposed earlier this month by NDP health critic Don Davies after a report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer suggested Canadians would save roughly $4 billion in drug spending under a national pharmacare program.”

On October 5, 2017, NDP Parliamentary Leader Guy Caron, along with colleagues Don Davies and Brigitte Sansoucy, discusses the party’s opposition day motion on a national pharmacare program. Mr. Caron also comments on TransCanada’s announcement that it will not proceed with its proposed Energy East pipeline project.

“No Canadian should have to choose between medicine for their family and putting food on the table,” said Don Davies, NDP Health Critic. “What’s more is that study after study shows that a universal pharmacare program would actually save money.”