Create Your Canada Contest



What is the Create Your Canada Contest? 

Create Your Canada is an online contest that invites students who are enrolled in Grade 11 or 12 classes at a school in Vancouver Kingsway to brainstorm ideas and propose  federal bills that they feel will make a better Canada – or world.

We will select two winners with the best ideas and then draft them into a Private Member’s Bill (an actual piece of federal legislation).  Don will then fly the winners to Ottawa to watch as he formally introduces their bill in the House of Commons.

Flights and accommodation will be paid by Don!!

Don will also give the winners a great tour of Parliament, including the Parliamentary Chamber, Sir John A. MacDonald’s first office, the Library of Parliament, and more.  We might even be able to arrange a quick photo with the Prime Minister!

This is a great way for students to learn about their government, participate in our democracy, practice social awareness, and, most importantly, make a difference.

Students can enter either individually or as a team of two.


What is this year’s deadline? 

The deadline for the 2018 is Friday, March 9 at 9 pm. 


Resources for Teachers

The PDF document below helps teachers in a variety of subject areas with ideas on how to incorporate the CYC contest into their planned curriculum.

PLEASE NOTE:  The submission document for the contest has been updated.  Please update your CYC documents with the attachment below.

Fitting CYC into your curricula


Submission Document For Students

Below is the submission document for the contest.  Please review and complete the document (electronically if possible) and submit the completed document by emailing it to

Don DOT Davies DOT c1a AT parl DOT gc DOT ca 

(the number 1 not the letter l!)

with the subject of “CYC” 

Submission Document


Past Winners

2017: June and Gaelan

2016:  Mabel and Judy

Copy of IMG_5500

Article about the 2016 contest winners – RCC News

2015:  Kira, Harriet and Triana


Winner Announcement

Article about the 2015 contest –


2014:  Liam, Alan and Matthew


Article about the 2014 winners –


2012 Winners:  Wilson and Kaitlyn


Announcement of the 2012 winners


2011 Winners:  Maria and Lakshmi


Article about the 2011 winners – KCC Neighbour


2010 Winners:  Hansel and Puneet 


Press Release Announcing the 2010 CYC winners