Don Davies Introduces Motion in Parliament to Create “Canada Jade Day”


Don Davies, MP (Vancouver Kingsway) today discussed the importance of the jade industry in Canada and the need for national policies to enhance it. This week he introduced a Motion (M-137) in the House of Commons to designate May 28 as “Canada Jade Day” in order to promote the jade industry at the federal level.

“Jade is not only a mining treasure for Canada, it also exhibits significant cultural value, and it’s in high demand around the world, especially in Asian countries,” said Davies. “There is a large deposit of jade in Canada, mostly concentrated in BC.

“We already have a BC Jade Day – I believe it’s time for national recognition of this valuable resource.”

Currently, 90 percent of jade exports from BC come in raw form.  Davies says we need federal government support to promote more sales, increase value-added production in Canada, and reduce tariffs in target export markets.

Davies noted there is great potential for the jade industry to create local jobs, promote the arts and encourage cultural exchange. Jade carvings of Canadian symbols like beavers, loons and grizzly bears are very valuable souvenirs to attract tourists to Canada.

“This week, I introduced a motion in House of Commons to designate May 28 of every year as Canada Jade Day,” added Davies. “I look forward to working with the industry, including companies and artists to develop positive national policies.”

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