NDP health critic Don Davies said Wednesday he is pleased to see the funding announced for a dementia strategy contained within the budget. But he said it clearly falls short of what’s required, given the scope of dementia in Canada and how it is expected to balloon.

NDP health critic Don Davies said that the Liberals missed an opportunity to commit to “real change in drug coverage.”

“We need courage, commitment and action – not obfuscation and delay. Instead, Liberals are tip-toeing towards an unclear destination instead of taking bold steps towards a concrete goal.”

“It’s disappointing to see that the Liberals have missed an important opportunity to commit to real change in national drug coverage.”

“Today, I am once again calling on the federal government to make funds available to help seismically upgrade B.C. schools, so that every child can attend a neighbourhood school and receive a quality education in safety.”

“Violence against health care workers has become a pervasive and growing problem within the Canadian health care system.”

The opioid crisis is affecting every community in every province and territory, said NDP health critic Don Davies, adding that Canadians understand that people are losing their lives as a result of “poison street supply.”

NDP MP Don Davies has written to the RCMP commissioner requesting a criminal probe into allegations of coerced sterilization.

The RCMP should immediately launch an investigation into all allegations of forced and coerced sterilizations in Canada, says NDP health critic Don Davies.

“These changes to the way we price drugs in Canada would have an immediate impact and help millions of Canadians,” Davies added.