“I’ve long thought that dental care was a serious omission from our universal health-care system that doesn’t make any sense from a public health or social justice point of view,” the NDP MP for Vancouver-Kingsway said in a recent interview.

Don and Jenny Kwan visited some of the hardworking CUPW members who distribute and deliver mail in Vancouver Kingsway and Vancouver East to say a special thank you in person.

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“Forced sterilization is an appalling form of violence against women and it’s critical that we investigate these horrific acts without delay,” NDP Health Critic Don Davies (Vancouver – Kingsway) said in a release.

“Then Davies spoke, saying that B.C. has been in a state of health emergency since 2016, and that the NDP has been calling for such a state federally for over two years.”

“The New Democrats’ health critic, Vancouver MP Don Davies, was the only speaker to recommend a robust and detailed set of policies.”

“Working together, we can turn the tide on this crisis. We can put an end to the marginalization and stigmatization of our country’s most vulnerable citizens. And we can forge a better future based on courage, compassion, love, and science.”

“Given that opioid deaths have risen every single year of this government’s term, why won’t Liberals act on these proposals to save lives?”

“Why is your government refusing to end what the LGBTQ2 community and scientists across this country, you know, regard as a blatantly discriminatory policy and instead adopt one that is based on science and behavior, as opposed to a discriminatory assumption?”

“Canada’s most vulnerable people have the highest rates of dental decay and disease, but the worst access to this much needed health service exists among people with low income. So given these stark disparities, what steps is your government taking to ensure that all Canadians can access medically necessary dental care?”