Don met with constituents to hear their ideas and concerns, and hung out with some pretty big vegetables!

“I don’t accept in any way this very weak response by Minister Goodale and Minister [Jody] Wilson-Raybould that they somehow have their hands tied until October 17. There is no reason they couldn’t be working on this right now,” said Davies.

“Dr. Persaud led a group of seven physicians and academics who sent an open letter to the Prime Minister, the Health Minister and the Justice Minister in April, urging them to probe opioid manufacturers. Others who have called for such an investigation include former Ontario health minister Eric Hoskins and New Democratic MP Don Davies.”

Prime Minister Trudeau extends Canada’s military mission in Latvia – is it an effort to appease Donald Trump’s complaints on defence spending ahead of the NATO summit? MPs debate.

MPs Dan Vandal, Matt Jeneroux and Don Davies discuss whether provincial and federal governments should fill the Greyhound gap after the company announced it would be ending service for nearly all routes in Western Canada.

Pista Ng Bayan, also known as the “Festival of Festivals” is an annual celebration of Filipino culture and the anniversary of Philippine Independence.

Happy Canada Day! July 1st is a wonderful opportunity for us to come together to celebrate all we have accomplished, and commit to doing even more.

“New Democrat MP Don Davies, for example, attempted to pass a motion calling on the government to immediately pardon Canadians convicted of simple possession. The motion was defeated when it didn’t have the necessary unanimous consent.”

Join us at a public meeting on Wednesday, June 27, 6:30 pm at Trout Lake Community Centre to explore the idea of a guaranteed income for all.

“Last night the Senate passed Bill C-45, important legislation that will positively change 100 years of legal, social, and economic attitudes towards cannabis.”