“NDP MP Don Davies said Ottawa could consider issuing a blanket pardon for possession offences that would no longer be illegal under the Liberals’ pot legislation. Otherwise, he said, the government could decide to waive the five-year wait and the roughly $600 fee that Canadians currently face if they want to have their criminal record suspended.”

“The nearly 4,000 people killed by opioids in Canada last year, a third of them in B.C., is proof Ottawa needs to rethink its response, Vancouver-Kingsway MP Don Davies told Metro in a phone interview Sunday.”

“At a December House of Commons health committee meeting, NDP health critic Don Davies pressed the health minister over spending and resources, saying the federal government’s opioid response budget is less than the Public Health Agency of Canada’s communications budget during the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak.”

“NDP health critic Don Davies said thousands of Canadians continue to get arrested, charged and convicted for something that will soon be legal, at a time when the justice system remains clogged and under-resourced.”

“Research recently released by the Angus Reid Institute shows that one in eight Canadians – nearly 3.5 million people – have close friends or family members who have become dependent on opioids in the last five years.”

Watch Don deliver greetings for a happy holiday season.

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Don and Jenny visited CUPW members who deliver mail in Vancouver Kingsway and Vancouver East to say a special thank you in person.

“New Democrats believe every Canadian student, who studies hard, should be able to access a world-class education without going deeply into debt. I call on all Parliamentarians to work together to make debt-free post-secondary education a reality for all students in Canada.”

“At present, there are over 400,000 working-age Canadians with disabilities who are not working, but whose disability does not prevent them from doing so. Almost half of these potential workers are post-secondary graduates.”