“Vancouver-Kingsway MP Don Davies, federal NDP critic for health, said Ottawa has rushed into legalization and left provinces, cities and police forces unprepared. Still, he said, Canadian law-enforcement agencies could have done more over the past year.”

“With Canadians struggling to afford medication, why would this government agree to a trade measure that increases the cost of prescription medicine?”

“Don Davies, NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway, argued that the position Canada has taken will result in a greater loss of life.”

“Housing is not only a commodity; it is a necessity. It’s time the federal government treated it as such.”

“I wish to reiterate the NDP’s support for the vital initiative before us today and affirm our commitment to ensuring every Canadian who needs an organ or tissue transplant receives it. “

“Are the Liberals truly so desperate for a new NAFTA that they are willing to put Canadian lives at risk to get it?”

“Donald Trump is using his bully pulpit right now to compel countries to sign on to this flawed policy because these countries are in vulnerable positions.”

“Will the Prime Minister admit that his government’s approach is failing and tell this House what he plans to do to reverse this deadly epidemic?”

“B.C. MP Don Davies, Singh’s health critic, says the NDP plan is clear already: full coverage by bringing drugs under the Canada Health Act. “

“New Democrat MP Don Davies has filed an omnibus query on the government’s pharmacare advisory council that covers everything from how much its members will be paid to the “timelines and important dates” for reporting back with its conclusions.”