“Dr. Persaud led a group of seven physicians and academics who sent an open letter to the Prime Minister, the Health Minister and the Justice Minister in April, urging them to probe opioid manufacturers. Others who have called for such an investigation include former Ontario health minister Eric Hoskins and New Democratic MP Don Davies.”

MPs Dan Vandal, Matt Jeneroux and Don Davies discuss whether provincial and federal governments should fill the Greyhound gap after the company announced it would be ending service for nearly all routes in Western Canada.

“New Democrat MP Don Davies, for example, attempted to pass a motion calling on the government to immediately pardon Canadians convicted of simple possession. The motion was defeated when it didn’t have the necessary unanimous consent.”

“Last night the Senate passed Bill C-45, important legislation that will positively change 100 years of legal, social, and economic attitudes towards cannabis.”

“Canadians deserve a timely, evidence-based cannabis law. C-45 is better than the status quo – but it is not legalization.”

“Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are advocating a policy of decriminalization and medical regulation of drugs as a means of responding to the opioid crisis.”

After Question Period on Wednesday, NDP MP Don Davies tried to pass a motion to “immediately provide pardons for those burdened by criminal records for cannabis offences that will soon be legal.”

“NDP MPs Don Davies and Jenny Kwan have both called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to publicly denounce the Trump administration’s separation tactics and cancel the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement. “

“It was inexcusable for the Liberal government to exclude pardons from the Cannabis Act.”

“This bill is the result of the vision of two bright high school students from my riding of Vancouver Kingsway, Ana Brinkerhoff and Nika Asgari from Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School.”