“For decades, evidence has been mounting that the ‘war on drugs’ has been a clear failure from a public health perspective. Our party has long understood that substance use disorder isn’t a moral failure and that criminal prohibition and stigmatization have been counter-productive in many ways.”

NDP MP Don Davies said during the House debate on Tuesday that the government’s claims of constitutional problems are “a smokescreen and no more.”

Watch Don’s speech calling for emergency action to address the opioid epidemic.

B.C. New Democrat health critic Don Davies made the call in a blistering speech in the House of Commons during debate on Bill C-37, the Liberal government’s legislative response to the crisis.

“From pharmacare to mental health to meeting the needs of our aging population, it is time to renew medicare for the 21st century. Will the Liberal government commit to fulfill its responsibility to protect and enhance our public health care system under the Canada Health Act?”

“My question is this. Will the Liberal government put an immediate stop to these unacceptable violations of the Canada Health Act or will we just see more ignoring of the principles of the Canada Health Act, as with the previous Harper government?”

October 14th, 2016 NDP Health Critic, Don Davies, issued the following statement: “Canada’s New Democrats are deeply disappointed to learn that the Liberal government has cut funding to several HIV/AIDS organizations. On Monday, it was revealed the Public Health Agency of Canada has denied and cut funding to several HIV/AIDS organizations that it has historically […]

“If the government truly believes in evidence-based decision-making, why is it ignoring the advice of health experts who say the evidence is overwhelming that safe consumption sites save lives and should be used to help address Canada’s overdose epidemic?”

“Although, this has been a national crisis for well over a year, the response of the federal government has been unacceptably slow, leaving individual jurisdictions to tackle this crisis alone.”

“How does the minister explain to Canadians this blatant, undeniable reversal?”