“True reconciliation and decolonization will not be possible without addressing the inequality, and indeed the injustice, in health care provision that have existed throughout this country for far too long,” said Davies.

Kat Lanteigne of of BloodWatch was joined by NDP health critic Don Davies at a news conference to mark the 20th anniversary of the Krever Report.

“Davies called on Kent to apologize to the Canadians who have been affect by the opioid crisis.”

“The NDP will continue to work positively and constructively to develop the smartest, safest, and most effective cannabis legislation and regulations in the world, because it is time we delivered.”

The comment drew a blistering response Wednesday from Vancouver NDP MP Don Davies, his party’s health critic, who said in a statement that he was “deeply disturbed” by Kent’s words.

NDP MP Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway, B.C.) described the ethnically diverse ridings as the “face of Canada” and “the most representative communities in the country,” and said with Jagmeet Singh as the new NDP leader, the party will be able to make significant gains in these ethnically diverse seats.

“NDP MP Don Davies told the National Post in September that Souccar’s participation in the task force coupled with Aleafia’s business raises a potential conflict of interest.”

To coincide with Lupick’s book’s release, the author will appear in a panel discussion Thursday at 7 p.m. at Beaumont Studios at 316 West 5th Ave, along with federal NDP health critic Don Davies.

“British Columbia MP Don Davies, who serves as the federal NDP health critic, told CBC Toronto that Souccar’s new business created the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

“The Liberals’ medicinal cannabis tax is misconceived, unfair to patients, and damaging to public health,” Davies said. “It is simply poor public policy.”