“No Canadian should have to choose between medicine for their family and putting food on the table,” said Don Davies, NDP Health Critic. “What’s more is that study after study shows that a universal pharmacare program would actually save money.”

Today in Question Period Don asked the Minister how Liberal cuts to Healthcare differ from those of Stephen Harper (hint: they don’t!).

October 4, 2016 – Don asks Minister Philpott to agree to the request of the provinces to delay cuts to the Healthcare transfers for one year.

“By breaking their promise and adopting Stephen Harper’s cuts to health care, the government is letting Canadians down. Now the premiers are denouncing the lack of consultation and Conservative approach that the Liberal government has adopted.”

“The Liberals promised to negotiate a new health accord with the provinces, but they did not tell us their plan would look exactly the same as the one imposed by Stephen Harper. Now B.C.’s Liberal health minister is accusing the government of having a very Conservative mindset.”

Don: We’ve got to strongly be on the Liberal government’s case to make sure that they actually increase funding, and make sure that the federal government is increasing resources to the provinces.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 23, 2016 LIBERAL GOVERNMENT MUST CONSIDER THE AGING POPULATION IN A NEW HEALTH ACCORD OTTAWA — The NDP is asking the Liberal government to consider recommendations made by the Canadian Medical Association to include a health care strategy for seniors and funding for such a strategy in the agreement that is currently […]

“After promising Canadians that they would invest billions more in health care, the Liberals are instead going ahead with Conservative cuts to health transfers,” said NDP Health Critic Don Davies (Vancouver – Kingsway). “And Minister Philpott is using the same talking points as the Conservatives, claiming a “historic investment” when in fact it’s a historic cut.”