House of Commons

“For decades, evidence has been mounting that the ‘war on drugs’ has been a clear failure from a public health perspective. Our party has long understood that substance use disorder isn’t a moral failure and that criminal prohibition and stigmatization have been counter-productive in many ways.”

NDP MP Don Davies said during the House debate on Tuesday that the government’s claims of constitutional problems are “a smokescreen and no more.”

“From pharmacare to mental health to meeting the needs of our aging population, it is time to renew medicare for the 21st century. Will the Liberal government commit to fulfill its responsibility to protect and enhance our public health care system under the Canada Health Act?”

“My question is this. Will the Liberal government put an immediate stop to these unacceptable violations of the Canada Health Act or will we just see more ignoring of the principles of the Canada Health Act, as with the previous Harper government?”

“How does the minister explain to Canadians this blatant, undeniable reversal?”

“By breaking their promise and adopting Stephen Harper’s cuts to health care, the government is letting Canadians down. Now the premiers are denouncing the lack of consultation and Conservative approach that the Liberal government has adopted.”

“The Liberals promised to negotiate a new health accord with the provinces, but they did not tell us their plan would look exactly the same as the one imposed by Stephen Harper. Now B.C.’s Liberal health minister is accusing the government of having a very Conservative mindset.”

“The Liberal campaign platform also promised that Liberals would discuss any cuts with the provinces, but instead, they are going to impose these cuts without any negotiating with the provinces, just like Mr. Harper. Will the minister tell us, do the provinces support these Harper, and now Liberal, cuts to healthcare?”

“The Liberal government was elected on a promise of real change when it comes to health care. Can the minister explain why she will not deliver it?”

Don rose in the House to question the Minister of Finance on the Liberal Government’s inaction to manage the Vancouver housing crisis.