House of Commons

“The answer can be seen in those parties’ respective responses to NDP MP Don Davies’ motion to start negotiations with the provinces toward a national pharmacare system.”

“MPs shot down the motion Tuesday evening, voting 246 to 43. It was proposed earlier this month by NDP health critic Don Davies after a report by the Parliamentary Budget Officer suggested Canadians would save roughly $4 billion in drug spending under a national pharmacare program.”

” It took New Democrats and courage to bring medicare to Canadians. We will continue to work to do the same thing for pharmacare.”

“No Canadian should have to choose between medicine for their family and putting food on the table,” said Don Davies, NDP Health Critic. “What’s more is that study after study shows that a universal pharmacare program would actually save money.”

“Will the Liberals accept our reasonable amendments and fix this bill?”

“Mr. Speaker, 2016 saw more Canadians die from opioid overdoses than any year in history. More than 2,800 Canadians lost their lives in every corner of our nation. Despite this devastating death toll, the government refused to declare a national public health emergency and claimed it was making ‘progress’.”

“Will the Liberals join with the NDP and commit to creating a universal pharmacare program?”

“For decades, evidence has been mounting that the ‘war on drugs’ has been a clear failure from a public health perspective. Our party has long understood that substance use disorder isn’t a moral failure and that criminal prohibition and stigmatization have been counter-productive in many ways.”

NDP MP Don Davies said during the House debate on Tuesday that the government’s claims of constitutional problems are “a smokescreen and no more.”

“From pharmacare to mental health to meeting the needs of our aging population, it is time to renew medicare for the 21st century. Will the Liberal government commit to fulfill its responsibility to protect and enhance our public health care system under the Canada Health Act?”