The Shum Family Visa Success 孙先生(音译)签证申请终获成功


Mr. Shum and his family are hard-working Canadians who have been attempting to bring his sister to Canada for a visit since 1996. However, Mr. Shum has been refused 4 times and made numerous requests for assistance from previous MPs. All efforts were unsuccessful, and Mr. Shum’s sister has missed many important family events, including the passing and funeral of their mother.

Mr. Shum enlisted the help of our office in 2011. We have battled Canadian Immigration ever since on his family’s behalf.
We are thrilled that Mr. Shum’s sister finally received the opportunity to visit her brothers in Canada, after 20 years and many tears shed while waiting.

Today, we met Mr. Shum, his sister and family who came to visit our office to express their appreciation.

Thanks to Mrs. Shum for bringing me a special gift, a beautiful custom piece of calligraphy, written by her 10 year-old grandchild.

The most special gift of all was seeing this lovely family, together at last.


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