Don In Parliament

A simple question deserves a clear answer from the Health Minister: will the Liberals implement universal, comprehensive, single-payer pharmacare or not?

“Liberals like to campaign on pharmacare, New Democrats like to implement it. Why won’t this Liberal government listen to Dr. Hoskins and commit to action today?”

“So now, will the Liberals finally commit to universal, comprehensive and single-payer pharmacare and immediately get to work on implementing this essential health program?”

“This legislation will provide tuition-free post-secondary education for all Canadians with disabilities…The bill is a result of the vision of a bright young man from my riding of Vancouver Kingsway: Sanjay Kajal.”

“Why is this Liberal government letting rich Canadians, who are cheating our tax system, off the hook with secret deals? Who do they think they are, SNC Lavalin?”

“If we fail to ensure that every Canadian living with diabetes can afford to access insulin, it would certainly be a missed opportunity on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin in Canada.”

“How do you respond to pharmacare advocates who argue that corporate lobbyists appear to have too much influence on your government’s pharmacare deliberations?”

“Why are the Liberals doing big pharma’s bidding and failing to lower the cost of medication for all Canadians?”

“Throughout the coming month, I urge all Parliamentarians to help raise awareness and act now to improve life for over 77,000 Canadians living with MS. Together, we’ll find a cure.”

“If the Minister claims her number one priority is the health of Canadians, then how can she sit back and ignore health guidelines that will cause over 400 women to die every year?”