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“Canada should lead by example by guaranteeing equal access to birth control for all its citizens,” Davies said. “By implementing universal, public phamacare, we can ensure that prescribed contraceptives are available as a matter of basic healthcare delivery.”

“NDP MP Don Davies (Vancouver-Kingsway) appears to be pushing the government to make good on its promise. He tabled Bill C-446 earlier this month — an act to develop a national school food program for children that would require the federal Minister of Health to develop a school food program to ensure that all children in Canada have access to healthy food.”

“In a country as prosperous as Canada, no child should ever go to school hungry. Yet today more than one and a half million Canadian children live in homes that struggle to put food on the table.”

“That’s why federal NDP health critic and Vancouver-Kingsway MP Don Davies announced a plan this week to create a national school-food program for every child in the country. It sounds like an ambitious and expensive idea, but hear me out about why it makes an incredible amount of good old common sense.”

It is critical to both decriminalize and medically regulate the supply to save lives, said NDP health critic Don Davies.

Mr. Davies said that an NDP government would not only continue the strategy, but improve it in key areas, such as home care and prevention strategies.

“No Canadian woman should ever lose her life simply because she wasn’t screened for breast cancer in time.”

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale should use all “legitimate tools” at his disposal to ensure the RCMP investigates women’s allegations of forced or coerced sterilizations, says NDP MP Don Davies.

“We have over 100 women say they have been assaulted, with names, dates and places. We are obligated by international law to investigate,” said Davies.

NDP MP Don Davies says he wants Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to look into the matter of coerced sterilization and initiate an investigation.