Don Unveils Plan to Create National School Food Program

NDP Health Critic Don Davies unveils plan to create national school food program

VANCOUVER – On Sunday, April 28, NDP Health Critic Don Davies (Vancouver – Kingsway) unveiled his plan to create a national school food program for every child in Canada. Davies was joined by Marc Schutzbank from the Coalition for Healthy School Food and students to announce the program at John Norquay Elementary School.

“In a country as prosperous as Canada, no child should ever go to school hungry,” said Davies. “Yet today, more than one and a half million Canadian children live in homes that struggle to put food on the table.

“A universal school food program will not only give every student access to nutritious food, it will make healthy eating a daily lesson for our kids,” added Davies.

Davies will introduce legislation entitled the School Food Program for Children Act in Parliament this week. The bill will require that the Minister of Health, in consultation with provincial and territorial governments and other relevant stakeholders, develop a school food program to ensure that all children in Canada have access to healthy food.

The program will operate at little or no direct cost to children or their families, build on existing school food programs across Canada, use best practices from other jurisdictions, and promote evidence-based healthy food education in schools across Canada.

“The reality is that lots of kids are hungry. They’re hungry if they have to use their lunch money for school supplies, if they choose pop or chips, or if they leave their lunch at home,” concluded Schutzbank. “Hanger and Hunger exist at school – and if you’re either, learning is not on the table.”

Don Davies is the NDP’s Health critic and Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway

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