News 1130: Vancouver Housing Crisis forum coverage

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Several NDP politicians held another forum this afternoon to talk about housing.

MLA George Heyman says Christy Clark and the Liberals are pretending like there isn’t anything wrong with what’s happening.

“I think you can’t live in Metro Vancouver without knowing there’s a housing crisis here. The message needs to be delivered in a whole lot of ways and we’re trying to give people an opportunity to do that with this forum.”

His party counterparts echoed that sentiment noting the massive crowd that showed up to David Eby‘s housing forum only a few months ago.

“Housing is a commodity, but it’s more than that, housing is a necessity. We’re not trading stocks, we’re not trading basketballs or running shoes, we’re talking about a place for people to live,” says NDP MP Don Davies.

Matt Westwood stood outside the forum holding a sign calling for some kind of action.

He hopes the issue doesn’t fall around into the normal realm of politics.

“Trying to be part of a non-partisan type group. At the moment, the [NDP] is expressing things that are most closely aligned with what we feel, but we are just out here urging anyone and everyone to do something.”

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