“Why is your government refusing to end what the LGBTQ2 community and scientists across this country, you know, regard as a blatantly discriminatory policy and instead adopt one that is based on science and behavior, as opposed to a discriminatory assumption?”

“Canada’s most vulnerable people have the highest rates of dental decay and disease, but the worst access to this much needed health service exists among people with low income. So given these stark disparities, what steps is your government taking to ensure that all Canadians can access medically necessary dental care?”

“Instead of talking points and false assurances, what is this Minister doing to fix this broken system?”

NDP health critic Don Davies said that any ads pertaining to e-cigarettes used to be to targeted to only smokers as a smoking cessation device, but today’s lifestyle ads that target non-smokers, getting them “addicted” to nicotine, only to move on to more harmful tobacco products, ultimately “resulting in death.”​

“They’re not that big of a group, but they are impactful,” Mr. Davies said. “These are the families that are not just affected by the deaths, but have lived with the [drug] use. They bring a perspective that is really, really important and very informed.”

“Across Canada, too many families are tragically losing parents, siblings and children to the opioid crisis. From downtown neighbourhoods to our most remote areas, no community has been untouched by these dangerous drugs.”

Last year, NDP MP Don Davies said the extra year of cannabis-infused product prohibition wasn’t needed because Canadians are still likely to purchase those goods but through unregulated channels.

“We need the face of federal law to make this important and profoundly necessary change.”

NDP health critic Don Davies said the exclusion of edibles, concentrates and non-smokable products amounts to a “glaring hole”…

“An online petition calling for medical marijuana to be exempt from a new cannabis tax has garnered over 11,000 signatures and a parliamentary sponsor, Vancouver-Kingsway NDP MP Don Davies.”