Paid plasma clinic

“It’s time for this government to put a stop to paid plasma and keep our system safe, public and voluntary,” said Davies.

Davies said he wants B.C. to prohibit the practice [of private, for-profit blood collection] and the federal government to enact a national ban.

Don quotes former Liberal leader Bob Rae who publicly opposes Health Minister’s endorsement of for-profit blood collection.

“This kind of blood collection endangers the safety and sustainability of Canada’s life-saving blood supply,” Davies said.

NDP health critic Don Davies is calling on Health Minister Jane Philpott to close the country’s first paid-donor blood clinic in Saskatoon. “Blood must always be considered a public resource, not a private one for exploitation and profit,” Davies told reporters in Ottawa Monday.

“Will the Minister stand up for safety in Canada’s blood supply, and close this clinic?” asked Davies.

“Will the minister stand up for safety in Canada’s blood supply system and close this clinic, or does she disagree with [the findings of the Inquiry into the tainted blood scandal?]” asked Davies.

“Canadians rely on a blood supply system that puts safety and the public interest first,” said Davies.

“We cannot allow profit maximization to compete with safety in the collection and delivery of Canada’s life-saving blood resources,” said Davies