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Don speaks about tragic attack in Ottawa

Don & Libby “urged caution and prudence going forward, saying personal security must be balanced with personal liberty.”

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Don: Human rights were ignored in the Canada-Honduras trade deal

New Democrats believe the protection of human rights must be a key criteria in Canadian trade policy

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Don recognizes 6 constituents as “Everyday Political Citizens”

This Fall, Don submitted 6 nominations for residents of Vancouver Kingsway that fit the criteria of “Everyday Political Citizen”

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A practical plan for $15/day child care in Canada

You’ve waited too long for affordable childcare. New Democrats are ready to make it happen

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Don calls for study on currency manipulation and international trade

Business leaders agree, fair rules needed to ensure currency manipulation doesn’t negatively affect trade

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Don Davies: FIPA undermines sovereignty of Canada, First Nations

Don Davies, NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway, discusses the approval of the Canada-China FIPA and its future impact on Canada and First Nations.

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FIPA with China: Good idea, Flawed deal

New Democrats will continue to call for international trade and investment treaties that benefit the Canadian economy, protect Canadians’ interests and respect Canadian values.

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Canada-SK flags

Don proposes amendments to improve Korea trade deal

Conservatives block Don’s amendments on environmental protection, promoting trade missions, protecting public interest legislation and others.

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Housing Town Hall Poster

Save the Date: Affordable Housing Town Hall November 1, 2014

Please Don Davies, George Heyman (MLA Vancouver-Fairview) and Niki Sharma (Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner) for this important event.

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Don in QP 2014 (2)

Don questions the Minster on CETA

Don questions the Minister on CETA and the reckless spending of the Conservative government.

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