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Don recognizes 6 constituents as “Everyday Political Citizens”

This Fall, Don submitted 6 nominations for residents of Vancouver Kingsway that fit the criteria of “Everyday Political Citizen”

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A practical plan for $15/day child care in Canada

You’ve waited too long for affordable childcare. New Democrats are ready to make it happen

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Don calls for study on currency manipulation and international trade

Business leaders agree, fair rules needed to ensure currency manipulation doesn’t negatively affect trade

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Don Davies: FIPA undermines sovereignty of Canada, First Nations

Don Davies, NDP MP for Vancouver Kingsway, discusses the approval of the Canada-China FIPA and its future impact on Canada and First Nations.

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FIPA with China: Good idea, Flawed deal

New Democrats will continue to call for international trade and investment treaties that benefit the Canadian economy, protect Canadians’ interests and respect Canadian values.

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Canada-SK flags

Don proposes amendments to improve Korea trade deal

Conservatives block Don’s amendments on environmental protection, promoting trade missions, protecting public interest legislation and others.

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Housing Town Hall Poster

Save the Date: Affordable Housing Town Hall November 1, 2014

Please Don Davies, George Heyman (MLA Vancouver-Fairview) and Niki Sharma (Vancouver Parks Board Commissioner) for this important event.

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Don in QP 2014 (2)

Don questions the Minster on CETA

Don questions the Minister on CETA and the reckless spending of the Conservative government.

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Don calls for lower federal voting age to empower young Canadians

“A bill is now sitting before the Commons to lower the voting age to 16, sponsored by New Democratic Party MP Don Davies”

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Don to Harper on CETA: all ceremony, no results

“It’s Conservative ideological insistence on investor-state measures that is threatening to torpedo an agreement with the European Union,” Don Davies

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