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New Democratic Party Pride Agenda

The NDP have put forth a package of measures aimed at bringing about full equality for the LGBTQ community.

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Don on CTVnews: remove investor-state to improve CETA

“Davies said jettisoning the [investor-state] chapter … would improve the agreement, although it would give a black eye to the Harper government.”

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Conservatives allow alleged drug-linked businessman into Canada

Last month the Conservative government allowed Steven Law, a Burmese billionaire with alleged ties to the drug trade, into Canada for an ASEAN organized Economic Ministers Roadshow. Meanwhile, human rights activists from the same country have been denied Canadian visas.

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Don & volunteers continue Jack Layton’s work

Don and volunteers bring Jack Layton’s Climate Change Accountability Bill to Vancouver Kingsway residents

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  Please click on the image for the OMNI news segment.  

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Don on TV 1

Don on Global News: Uniting families must be priority

Immigration system must prioritize uniting families

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Coverage of Don’s Create Your Canada contest winners in Dawa.

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Don raises transparency and human rights concerns in TPP

Don holds national press conference on Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in Ottawa

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w Johnny volunteer

July 19: National Day of Action on Northern Gateway/Climate Change

Join me and the Vancouver Kingsway team on our next Day of Action. We’re heading to the doorsteps in memory of Jack Layton on July 19, as his birthday was on the 18th.

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Don Davies 4

TPP trade talks too secret, NDP MP Don Davies says

The NDP’s trade critic says the Conservative government’s negotiations on the TransPacific Partnership are unnecessarily secretive, and he’s calling on the government to hold consultations on Canada’s position in the 12-country talks.

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