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Don calls on the government to delay health cuts for one year

Don: “After promising to negotiate with provinces on health care funding, the Liberal government is moving ahead with the same cuts as the previous government.”

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Don meets with the Parent Advisory Network (PAN) to discuss Seismic Upgrade in Schools

On Oct 7, 2016, Don met with six parents representing PAN, to discuss seismic upgrade and students’ safety in schools.

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Don interviewed at Health Ministers Summit 3

Don’s statement on Liberal cuts to HIV/AIDS organizations

October 14th, 2016 NDP Health Critic, Don Davies, issued the following statement: “Canada’s New Democrats are deeply disappointed to learn that the Liberal government has cut funding to several HIV/AIDS organizations. On Monday, it was revealed the Public Health Agency of Canada has denied and cut funding to several HIV/AIDS organizations that it has historically […]

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Don hosted Electoral Town Hall in Vancouver Kingsway

On September 24, 2016, Don hosted the Electoral Reform Town Hall. The meeting allowed Vancouver Kingsway constituents to express their views, concerns, and suggestions, so that Don will take them to the Parliamentary Committee for further discussion.

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Don in the house 4

Don questions the Health Minister on the cuts to Healthcare transfers

Today in Question Period Don asked the Minister how Liberal cuts to Healthcare differ from those of Stephen Harper (hint: they don’t!).

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Don calls for the repeal of Bill C-2

“If the government truly believes in evidence-based decision-making, why is it ignoring the advice of health experts who say the evidence is overwhelming that safe consumption sites save lives and should be used to help address Canada’s overdose epidemic?”

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Don calls on the federal government to confront Canada’s overdose epidemic

“Although, this has been a national crisis for well over a year, the response of the federal government has been unacceptably slow, leaving individual jurisdictions to tackle this crisis alone.”

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Don in the House 5

Don asks the Health Minister to stop cuts to Health Care Transfers

October 4, 2016 – Don asks Minister Philpott to agree to the request of the provinces to delay cuts to the Healthcare transfers for one year.

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Don asks the Minister explain to the Liberals’ reversal on health care funding

“How does the minister explain to Canadians this blatant, undeniable reversal?”

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