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戴偉思接受Omni新聞採訪,談加拿大是否應該加入加入亞投行 – 各大經濟體在過去兩周紛紛加入。

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Don at the Nat Bailey Winter Farmers Market

Photos of Don at the Winter Farmers Market

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Don in QP 2014 (2)

Don Recognizes the Hard Work of the Trout Lake Youth Council

On Thursday, March 26 Don spoke in the House of Commons to recognize the hard work of the Trout Lake Youth Council.

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Don: Federal cuts mean fewer doctors & longer wait times

Expiry of Canada’s Health Accord will lead to $37 billion in health-care cuts

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April 12 2pm: Live-in Caregiver Town Hall

Join Don for a discussion about recent changes to the live-in caregiver program as well as what changes are really needed.

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Don: The Conservatives missing key opportunity to engage with Asia

Canada is missing the opportunity to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) – a key international bank akin to the IMF and World Bank.

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Speech on the Proposed Mission to Iraq and Syria

Don speaks to the Conservative Government Motion to send our troops to Syria and Iraq.

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Don in the House on Intolerant Statements by Conservatives

Conservative MP’s have recently made a slew of intolerant and divisive statements. This is unacceptable and inappropriate. Canada deserves better from its elected Members of Parliament.

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Don talks to Vancouver Sun about trade and human rights in Southeast Asia

New Democrats are hoping for more work on issues such as human rights and democracy.

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Ten-year multiple-entry visa media roundup

Included are a list of links to articles covering Don’s reaction to the recent announcement of the 10-year visa agreement with China.

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