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Motions and Bills

A complete list of Don’s Private Members Bills and Motions.

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Trade - Shipping containers

Don speaks to National Post about Asia-Pacific trade

“Canada was late to join TPP, which has put us at a disadvantage in this very U.S.-dominated set of trade talks. We also believe the secrecy surrounding it is unnecessary and unacceptable. We’re never going to give a blank cheque or blind support to an agreement we’ve not seen,” said Davies.

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Don speaks to crowd at affordable housing rally

“I raised the #donthave1million movement in the House of Commons a few weeks ago,” Davies said in an interview. “And I will be making it an issue in the campaign, for sure. Affordable housing has been an issue for a number of elections, but I think it’s approaching crisis levels.”

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Don, NDP Pleased to see CIC Reversal for Karen Talosig’s Daughter

“There are many others who are in situations similar to Talosig,” added Davies. “In my riding of Vancouver—Kingsway, there are many constituents who have been waiting over a decade long to reunite with their family.”

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Conservatives have taken secrecy to extreme degree: Davies

“Your average American lawmaker can see the text of the TPP and I, as official Opposition trade critic, can’t,” said Davies.

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Don Questions the Minister on Cuts to Refugees

Don questions the Minister on the decline in accepted refugee claimants and the cuts in access to health care for refugees in Canada.

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Canadian Alliance of Student Associations Supports Student Debt Bill

Introduced by NDP MP, Don Davies, this proposal aims to reduce interest rates on Canada Student Loans. The Student Debt Relief Act is a result of Mr. Davies annual student “Create Your Canada” contest, in which high school students submit ideas to improve Canada.

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Don celebrates Philippines’ 117th Independence Day

Don and Team Davies had a booth at the Philippines Independence Day celebration at Slocan Park on June 6, 2015.

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Don handing out flags

Canada Day Greeting

Wishing you and your family a happy, safe Canada Day!

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Centre block

Create Your Canada Bill Presentations

Click here to find the videos of Don introducing the two Bills from the Create Your Canada Contest

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